Halina Brooke, MS, LAMFT, LAC

Therapist & Educator with a Passion for Advocacy. Researcher & PhD Candidate in Counselor Education.

Halina Brooke, Therapist & Advocate

I Believe…

that societies transform when we open doors and create access for all individuals to be fully informed, supported, and empowered in their lives and their goals.

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Halina Brooke, LAMFT, LAC in Arizona

Therapist and Educator with a Passion for Advocacy

Welcome changemakers, collaborators and consultation seekers!  My name is Halina and I’m a therapist, educator, and researcher in Scottsdale, Arizona.   I’ve been a passionate advocate for individuals and groups in need since childhood, when I began writing into the local newspaper and speaking at Board of Education meetings in grade school.

Since my first internship in higher education curriculum development in the early 2000’s, I’ve had a passion for making education and advocacy accessible, meaningful, and exciting.  During the process of training as a marriage and family therapist and mental health counselor, I realized a deep enthusiasm for the clinical relationship and supporting both clinicians and clients in having the best possible experience when engaging in the incredible process of change within this realm.

What Others Are Saying

Halina is a scholar of life and can readily speak on many topics. She actively engages knowledge acquisition with curiosity and fluid assimilation. She has a unique ability to interview, understand and reflect meaning, all while remaining open and empathetic. Her compassionate and curious nature, combined with her clinical knowledge and skills, as well as her command of the tenets of ethical behavior uniquely position her to be a leader in her field.

Hope Eden, LCSW
Founder of The Organized Therapist

Halina has a strong command of pedagogy and effective teaching techniques. She is innovative, creative and effective in her work, very well organized, has an excellent eye for detail, and is a good writer and communicator. I have often used her as an example for the others on the Teaching Team. She is able to bring a difficult concept down to the learners’ perspectives and helps them to create their own meaning and understanding.

Barb Reagle, PhD
Lead Faculty: Psychology Program, Capella University

Halina is well-read, curious, and passionate about the profession of counseling. She has a clear vision of advocacy for students – meeting each learner where they are and supporting them well. Her tone is energetic, affirming, and positive. Halina already is making inroads in Arizona through her policy work-- I'm excited at her prospect as a future counselor educator. The sky's the limit for her and I'll endorse any recommendation she seeks in her own career development.

Counselor Education Internship Supervisor
Dr. Heather Zeng, Counselor Education, Capella University

Halina, I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thanks for all your help over the past few months. I’ve really enjoyed the labs, they were a tremendous encouragement to me. I was incredibly nervous about my college journey, I’m the first in my family to attempt it and I’m coming into it with only a GED. The atmosphere you created in the labs made me feel comfortable with asking all the questions that I probably wouldn’t have asked otherwise. I’ve appreciated all of your insight, thanks again for all your help!

M., Psychology Lab Student
Capella University, School of Undergraduate Studies

Halina has the unique ability to see the world through the eyes of the person in front of her. This ability gives her the opportunity to practice radical acceptance, a talent sorely needed in this day and age. Halina presents a calm and open countenance that immediately brings down walls and leads to true and meaningful work toward the betterment of her clients.

Yaffi Lvova, RDN
Founder & Owner, Baby Bloom Nutrition (AZ)

Halina, Your talk was the most important & meaningful I've heard at this conference. I'm a fat, diabetic doctor & I've felt excluded from this movement & from my profession. Your talk was so brave and eloquent and I would love to hear more from you!

M.B., Physician
Attendee at Conference Presentation, 2018

How Can I Help?

Currently, I enjoy devoting my attention to projects that:

  • improve clinical experiences for therapy clients,
  • empower therapists to lean into and move through fallibility,
  • educate the public on mental health and wellness resources,
  • foster pride and connection within diverse psychotherapy students,
  • and bravely move the discourse within and beyond mental health, ethics and therapeutic relationships forward!

I also offer consultations to professionals in related fields to infuse therapy-based, advocacy-focused, and relational wisdom into their media offerings.

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I would love to hear about your project or puzzle!

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When I see amazing professionals who deserve a platform and a community that needs support, I jump in. I believe in amplifying the voices of those in need and empowering real change. My own community isn't an exception--this is why I founded the Jewish Therapist Collective and am excited to see it grow in meaningful and effective ways. If you want to get involved or are looking to create something similar for another community, let’s connect!


It’s incredible when clinicians, within mental health and other branches of healthcare, innovate in ways that humanize the research and interventions we offer to empower growth, change and healing. I was part of the team of psychotherapists, dietitians, and other professionals who created the Weight Neutral Self-Assessment for providers: a powerful tool to deepen insight and enhance nuance and compassion to healthcare for the size diverse.

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Professional Presentations & Legislative Advocacy
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ASDAH Conference

Editing Our Narratives: The Intersection of Size Diversity & Stigmatized Illness

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    Arizona Counseling Association

    Bringing Advocacy into Everyday Practice: Scalability and Balance in Today's Arizona

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      American Diabetes Association

      Psychosocial Considerations for Youth w/Insulin Resistance & Type II Diabetes & Their Families (Drafted)

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        AZ Legislature LGBTQ Youth and Born Perfect

        Advocating for Profession and Youth at AZ Legislature

          American Counseling Association 2022 Virtual Conference

          American Counseling Association 2022 Virtual Conference

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            Chi Sigma Iota Days

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              ACA European Branch

              ACA European Branch

              Practitioner & Protege: Explorations on Professional Counselor Identity influences & Formation

                Educational and Advocacy-Minded Consultation

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                Halina is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Associate Counselor in the state of Arizona, she supports individuals (teens through seniors), couples and families in Scottsdale, Arizona and beyond. She offers a blend of collaborative, strength-based, holistic, relational, and somatic approaches to help clients tap into their inner wisdom, move through trauma, strengthen relationships, and create lives they love. You can find more about her clinical approach at RecourseCounseling.com.